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Candidate Loraine Goodwin, M.D., J.D.
Congressional District 16

I honor those who protect our country

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Seniors WILL be Protected
Our seniors are treasured. Seniors carry many area stories. These men and women who developed the valley must be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve in their golden years.

Social Security and Medicare Must be Protected
FDR’s crowning domestic achievement was the creation of a retirement system that is reliable and immune to fluctuations in the stock market. Social Security works and provides a necessary source of income for our seniors. In Congress, I will never allow Wall Street to touch Social Security, and I will never support cuts to benefits – benefits very much deserved and needed. I will also require those who took money from the Social Security Trust Fund, pay it back.

Seniors love Medicare. They are able to get regular checkups and frequent access to specialists.
All Americans, and especially our seniors, deserve access to quality medical care without the prescription doughnut hole. In Congress I will ensure seniors have affordable prescription drugs.

Elder Protection Court / Elder Fraud / Elder Abuse
The establishment of elder courts offers seniors an opportunity to have most of their dealings with the justice system handled by judges fully versed in the issues that impact them, and I think these are systems that should be expanded nationwide. Our seniors are taken advantage of too frequently, and elder abuse is also far too common. I encourage the promotion of the Ombudsman as a protector of seniors.

Transit for Seniors and People with Disabilities
Our seniors and people with disabilities often have special needs that must be taken into account when planning regional public transit. All our buses must be made accessible, and regional paratransit must be protected and expanded. Some of this can be achieved with grants from the federal government. In Congress I will work to secure the necessary funds. I also support increased availability of bus and train transit so seniors can travel more easily for shopping, restaurants, education and local regional outings.

Addressing the Housing Crisis
I would rather have a family with kids in a foreclosed home over pushing the family out and giving the property at low cost to real estate flippers. In Congress I will continue to push for fast reasonable mortgage modifications to save family homes. Our South Bay families should not be homeless.
The foreclosure crisis has hit seniors on fixed incomes especially hard, and we must not tolerate a system that allows seniors to lose their homes needlessly. I support allowing bankruptcy judges to modify home loans to allow more seniors to stay in their own homes while paying off debts with a more sustainable monthly payment and a moratorium on foreclosures is appropriate.
We must also not forget renters. I support housing subsidies for low-income residents, especially seniors and the disabled. No senior should be homeless.

Senior Center Computer and Job Training Services and Free Internet for Low Income Children
All children have to have access to computers for improved modes of education. In Congress, I will work to provide internet service to all students.
Senior centers provide an opportunity for seniors to learn computer and internet skills, enabling them to stay informed, connect with shared-interest communities, find services, play games and ward off Alzheimer's. I support computer and internet access for seniors.

Social Justice


I have zero tolerance for child abuse. As a mom, I will always protect our children and ensure they have access to a great education and a great quality and way of life.

I have practiced women’s health and preventive medicine since the 1980’s. In Congress, I will continue to work to ensure that women will have equal opportunities in school and the workplace. I have zero tolerance for domestic violence. I will work with women abroad to speak against the stoning and maiming of women.

LGBT Issues
throughout our country's proud history, every generation has faced a national debate on civil rights issues. While these struggles have often been slow and arduous, as we have witnessed for more than two centuries, the trajectory of our society is toward more equality under the law. I fully support eliminating barriers to equality for all Americans, including the LGBT community.
Eliminating Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT): Gay and lesbian men and women have fought and died defending our freedoms. They deserve the ability to serve without fear of reprisal.

Passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA): We are blessed to live in a state that bars discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation or gender identity. I support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, because I believe all Americans deserve the ability to work without fear of unjust termination.

Improved Quality of Life 


Crime is out of control throughout California. We all need safety and security in our homes, on the streets, and at work and school. We do a great job trying to decrease gangs, but we need a lot more. I have worked with law enforcement officials for years as a member of the School Board and as a member of the Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board. We are experiencing an increase in shootings, break-ins, smash-and-grabs, and home invasions. Police are also being targeted. Inmates are being given cell phones to continue gang activities at public expense. This is not the lifestyle we want and I will work to provide assistance to stop the rising crime and protect our residents, tourists, visitors, and law enforcement employees.

The 16th Congressional District is a major transportation corridor, connecting Los Angeles to the San Francisco and the nation. Congestion on the freeway adds to air pollution. In Congress I will seek to expand public transportation systems and improve highways that serve the district. I support High Speed Rail (HSR), in addition to decreasing the national debt. 
Transit Villages/Livable Communities: Madera is emphasizing mixed-zoning livable communities where it is possible to live, work, and play in the same area. The best way to get residents out of their cars is to, whenever possible, remove the need to commute. I will fight for improved transit throughout the district.

The 16th Congressional District is beautiful and fresh - perfect for biking. Biking provides healthy exercise and green technology. I encourage area residents to bike to keep the valley beautiful. 

United States and Israel

The United States has a moral and strategic interest in a strong, secure and viable Israel.
The special relationship between the United States and Israel is based on shared values and a commitment to democratic principles. Israel is a democracy and values human rights, having been created not only out of biblical history, but also out of the worst violation of human rights in recent centuries - the Holocaust. Israel remains the only true democracy in the Middle East; therefore it is in the critical interest of the United States to strongly support Israel and its people.
Israel and the United States have a long and valued history of mutual economic and trade interests, shared research goals and programs in the biotech, medical, information and energy sectors and many common diplomacy objectives.
The United States must continue to support the defense of Israel, including honoring its foreign aid commitments as set forth in the August 2007 Memorandum of Understanding on U.S. Military Assistance. Further, our nations must work jointly to eliminate domestic and international terrorism and to stop the spread of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.
The Palestinian – Israeli conflict requires a solution based on the two-state strategy which can best be achieved through the resumption of bilateral negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel. The United States should be the principle convener and mediator while continuing to be friend and supporter of Israel. The United States should seek to reduce Hamas’s influence, while strengthening the Palestinian Authority. Israel must not go ahead with plans to build additional housing on the disputed land and both sides must show good faith during peace negotiations.


  I will work with the administration to stop China from undervaluing its currency and hurting our economy. I will also examine China's passive-aggressive continuing actions in exporting poisonous toys, foods, dog foods and drywall which made thousands of new homes uninhabitable. China has also put defective bumpers on repaired cars and used other defective parts in airplanes and other construction sites. I will investigate the possible problems with the millions of computers or schools and others have imported over the years. Our national security must always be a priority. I will investigate the plastination business in Dalian China to ensure healthy people are not being sacrificed for exhibits. China is still working towards its own interests and we must prevent any aggressive move in the future. I support our formal political ties and relationships to help ensure safety.

Veterans will Receive Benefits and Security

I care about our veterans and I support them fully. Our active soldiers and veterans deserve our respect, our thanks and our assurance that we will support them in every way we can. Many return with life-long injuries. Many will adapt, but some will not. In Congress, I will advocate for improved VA hospital services along with veteran education, job training, healthcare, and housing.  I spent years visiting veterans in the California VAs. My Uncle, Judge Hugh Goodwin, resided there and received excellent and loving care. Our VAs can be great facilities and I will support continued funds for repair and upgrade of all California VA facilities.

I want veterans and all valley residents to become productive citizens and able to earn a decent living. To ensure this I feel we need to continue to commit to job training, counseling, and healthcare. There is no better investment in our future than education. It prepares Californians for good paying jobs. Those revenues stimulate the economy that can then be reinvested to improve the lives of all Californians. In Congress I will expand our education and vocational training systems.

Currently our mentally ill soldiers are being mistreated by having the soldiers take psychiatric medications while continuing to work in the extreme heat, heavily clothed in stressful conditions without heat stress precautions. We must remove mentally impaired soldiers from the battlefield and bring them home for good. In Congress, I will work on getting that done as soon as possible.





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